North Star Counseling was awarded a grant in which we are able to serve families referred by the School District of Osceola County with Wraparound Services. Wraparound is an action oriented process that may last for many months or even years. It is based on a normalization model and is an integrated systems approach. It was developed as a way of bringing multiples systems together with a family to create a highly individualized plan to address complex needs. The process has been widely funded and used in the U.S., and has the largest research base of all team based planning models.

Wraparound is: -An individualized care planning and care management process -A method of engaging with individuals, providers and systems -A structured, team planning process -Incorporates formal, informal and natural supports

7026 Funds: The School District of Osceola County was awarded a grant that provides funds designated to cover Mental Health Services for students that don't have medical insurance. Through that grant, North Star Counseling will provide Mental Health Services for students throught the School District at no cost. This services will be provided at the school, home or office, based on the preference of the family.